Geolympix 2016

Geolympix banner

This is a plug for ‘our’ very own local MEGA Event. Created by a dedicated team of super Beds, Bucks and Herts geocachers, this year’s Geolympix will carry on where the first Geolympix (Oxford 2012) left off.

With more than 300 ‘Will Attend’ logs, the event has already been awarded ‘MEGA’ status. It promises to be an awesome day so if you can make it I hope to see you there!

Here are a couple of very useful links:

The GC5XXYY cache page to log your ‘Will Attend’.

The official GEOLYMPIX 2016 web site – with more information, how to get involved and more.



Spitfire fuselage

Tricky bit, the fuselage. I started by building up the left side on the plan. Here’s the keel and formers. 

 fuselage  keel 

Once all the stringers were in place, it was released from the plan and the right side  built onto the completed left side. I ended up with this.

 fuselage nearly complete 

Time to let everything harden off before tidying it up and starting work on the nose, then sanding, etc..  I’ve had to develop a very gentle touch as the wood snaps extremely easily! 

A Village Sign

Today we went looking for a nearby Village Sign cache. With a similar concept to the  Church Micro, Village Signs, as the name suggests, involve – sometimes tenuously – village signs erected in, um, villages. These signs tell the visitor something about the village. I think that just about covers the idea of this cache series!

OK, so we went to Potten End to find VS#73 (GC51PA8). Many VS caches are Multis, like CMs, and this was one such. Problem was: whilst we could find one of the objects needed to obtain the required numbers, the other (a dedicated bench) was missing. We did, however, manage to work out the missing numbers and figure out the coords for the final. While we sat in my Freelander working out the coords, a spot of googling unearthed the information that the bench ‘in absentia’ was due to be replaced. I think the locals had formed a committee to deal with the matter. Meanwhile I think the CO may have to update her cache page!

Anyway, off we went in search of the final which, once we’d waited for a muggle to finish her phone call and move on from GZ (!) was soon found. I guess it just goes to show that no matter how well the CO researches and prepares their cache, elements of a Multi can always go missing without notice. Of course with our huge brains we were able to deduce the required info anyway! :)

I F*ing love Hogwarts!

Flourish & Blotts - Diagon Alley

Just under 2 weeks ago we went back to the Harry Potter Studios. This was our 3rd visit. It’s worth doing a return trip every once in a while because Warner Bros. add things and change sets around every so often. This time we got to go on The Hogwarts Express!

inside Hogwarts Express

In Olivander’s, every wand box bears the name of a cast or crew member. This visit was especially poignant.


A bit of geocaching

At last, I can report a bit of geocaching by yours truly. On Wednesday I attended a BBHBR event (one of our local group’s events) and found a couple of caches. Those were the first finds of 2016 for me and the first event I’ve been to since one back in July ’15.

That made me check my matrix and I decided to see if I could fill in the remaining blank days for this month, so on Thursday & Friday I found a local trad each day, then today I went hunting for a couple of nearby trads which had been bugging me last year by sitting defiantly on my GC map. I hadn’t bothered with them last year because they had a bit of a reputation for being in a poor location (see my post which explains why I dislike and often avoid poorly executed urban caches), in addition one of them had very dodgy coordinates. This particular one had: as many DNFs as finds (11), not been found since April ’15, a knuckle-rapping from our local reviewer.

So as you can imagine, I didn’t hold out much hope with that one but I decided I’d have a quick look before moving on to another cache with better prospects. One cacher who had found it – last January! – had posted revised coords. He’s someone I know well and, with very many finds to his credit, is worth taking note of; so instead of going where nearly everyone else had gone, I went to the suggested coords and used my cacher’s instinct to search close by in a likely spot. Even I was surprised when I spotted the cache after a couple of minutes searching.

So in summary, this week I have: broken my 2016 duck, built up a 4 day streak and filled in 3 matrix days. Very happy with that.

Today I has been…

Today I has been mainly washing my Freelander. Last time it was clean was 4 months ago. It got to the point where I just couldn’t look at all that dirt anymore.

Now, if it snows tonight (it’s a possibility, apparently) then at least it will look smart and shiny for the mandatory ‘look everyone we’ve had some snow!’ pictures. :)

My Lego goes geocaching!

Just before Christmas, my slightly Lego-obsessed friend David (see his blog here) sent me some brilliant customised Lego on a geocaching theme. I promised him I’d set up a Mini-figure geocaching adventure.  I’m sorry it’s taken so long but here it is!

comic strip 1comic strip 2comic strip 3comic strip 4

Thank you once again David for the mini geocaching supplies – I think these may feature in my online logs for some future (full sized) geocaches! :)