Flying Corps Dog

When I was at the RAF Museum last week, I had a look at their new exhibition, World War One in the Air. In one of the exhibit cases I found this.

Flaying Corps Dog Coat

Dating from 1917, this jacket was made by a Royal Flying Corps tailor using uniform fabric and badges for a RFC Officer’s dog. Tally Ho!


Today I took some time off Olympic spectating and went to Hockeridge woods with #2 daughter and Skye. We had already decided Skye needed/deserved a decent walk as she’d been confined to barracks while we all watched the Olympics. Not being one to pass up the chance to do a spot of Geocaching, I reckoned that it would be OK to try to rectify one of my earlier DNFs at the same time.

I parked my sparkly clean Freelander in the usual place and we set off. Found the cache without too much trouble and, as we’d done it so quickly, we decided to try for a couple more nearby. This required a bit of a hike across the woodland. Now, for those who don’t know, the tracks in Hockeridge get very wet, very soggy and very muddy; then since they are mostly covered by the trees, the sun never gets much chance to work its magic so they stay that way. By the time we’d found the caches and sploshed our way back along various fire breaks and tracks, Skye was very much a two-tone dog, sporting a white upper half and a very wet and muddy undercarriage.

On returning to the car we carefully installed her in the back and headed home to give her an essential bath. Of course, having parked in a muddy lane, by the time we got home the Freelander was covered in mud as well, although that will have to wait for another day.

Is there no end to this drought?

Took our dog to Gadebridge park today. We don’t normally take her there for her walks but for some inexplicable reason  the river Gade had decided to spread itself about a bit and had flooded large areas of the park. We just had to go to watch Skye paddle about in the temporary lakes.

So, that’s one added value of all this rain – extra lakes! Another is a wetter and muddier dog.

On the other hand, I have to ask; when will the water companies decide that the drought has ended?

The Pack Leader

According to Cesar Millan I should be the Pack Leader. Or maybe my wife (more likely, TBH!). Anyway it shouldn’t be the dog. Right!

Allow me explain my theory. Two individuals are walking along the road. One stops and does a crap. The other picks the shit up in a plastic bag and carries it until he can dispose of it properly. Now, you tell me which one is the boss.

Bye-bye weekend!

Well that was, erm… Quick.

What promised to be a nice long weekend seems to have whooshed past. So I’m sitting writing this at 23.15 on bank holiday Monday wondering where all that time went. I guess what I really mean is what happened to all that “leisure” time I thought I’d have? Once I subtracted all the time spent doing domestic stuff like shopping, cleaning, being a taxi service, doing admin, etc., etc., there wasn’t much time left for pastimes.

However, I went for some long walks with the dog, cleaned and tuned the guitars (and played for half an hour!) and watched a couple of films. Failed to find any time to play Modern Warfare 2. Still, overall I guess it was time off and that’s the important thing, right?

Back to work tomorrow. Ho Hum!