Black Ops

Been a bit busy over the last week (see earlier post!) however I did buy COD Black Ops on launch day. I have started the campaign and it is really bloody good! Like the little touches, e.g. homage to Apocalypse Now. Have also enjoyed the little hacks like leaving the torture chair and playing Zork.

Zombies. Did I mention the Zombies? Brilliant. Playing as JFK, killing Zombies.

I will probably finish the campaign before starting Multiplayer, or maybe not. Can’t wait to be honest!

Medal of Honor

Well last week I completed the new Medal of Honor on Xbox. The campaign story was pretty good, and the gameplay was realistic, nothing like the last XBox MoH I played – MoH Airborne – which had ridiculously undefeatable Super-Nazis in the later games. No, this was a good game, I liked the fact that it was contemporary, being set in the Afghanistan conflict. Having said that, it doesn’t beat COD MW2.

There has been a fair bit of press around the fact that people can play Multiplayer as AQ against the American forces. To be honest it didn’t bother me, it’s obviously a game and not to be taken too seriously. However I can appreciate that some American soldiers or their families might be offended. As far as the online experience went, again I have to say I thought it wasn’t a patch on MW2. I soon got fed up with games abending with a message that the EA servers “can’t be found” or “are not responding”, losing my meagre kill tally. 😦 I also found that the distant enemy were very difficult to see – maybe I just need a bigger TV! I also found it very easy to get sniped by “veterans” with a scoped weapon and frequently killed because I often got respawned in the same place I got shot last time! On the plus side it seemed realistic, in the sense that rounds would come buzzing in past my head and it was difficult to see where the enemy were.

So, overall, Multiplayer was fun but ultimately frustrating. I’m off to play MW2 again while I wait impatiently for the new COD Black Ops to come out on the 9th of November!

Level Up!

At the risk of this blog covering nothing but my XBox exploits I just had to post my latest COD4 achievement! Finally made it to level 40 at which point I got the P90!

This is one awesome weapon, even with just the iron sights – I have yet to earn the red dot sights.

Not that I’m ever going to be able to fire the real thing, but here’s a vid of the real thing on YouTube. Enjoy and feel maybe just a little bit incomplete because you will never own one!

I forgot how good it feels

I’ve been so busy with mundane shit that it’s been a month since I played on the XBox.

I just spent an hour playing COD5 Team Deathmatch on XBox live. Bloody excellent fun. Nothing beats that feeling when that +10 comes up!

“They came for our blood and drowned in their own!”

Release the dogs!

Attack Dogs. At the moment I hate them. A reward for a long kill-streak (7?) equivalent to the attack helicopter in COD4, I haven’t yet managed to earn one so I’ve only been on the receiving end! They’re a pain, they get in your way, they distract you and if you don’t kill them or leap out of the way you’re dead. Fighting off the dogs spoils any momentum you had built up and makes you a sitting duck if an enemy is following the dogs in.

Otherwise COD WW is a great laugh, I’m certainly hooked!

COD WW Update

Ok, a quick update. COD5 multiplayer is awesome! In the beta there are 3 maps, Roundhouse is Germans v. Russians and you get to drive a tank! The others are set in the pacific theatre, playing as either Japanese or American troops.

Levels only go up to 11 in the beta. The basic setup is like COD4 as you’d expect. Kill streaks reward you with spotter planes, artillery bombardment and attack dogs! The dogs are vicious as they hunt you down wherever you are! LOL.

The main difference to me was that the weapons aren’t as good as COD4 (obviously!) e.g. Smaller magazines, slower rate of fire, etc. It all takes some getting used to!

Anyway? I’ll post some more when I get time.

COD World At War BETA!

Today I got an email from COD HQ with a Call Of Duty – World At War BETA code! Incredible!

So I’ve redeemed it and downloaded the XBox Live multiplayer Beta game and I can’t wait to try it out! I’m so stoked – I get to play COD5 way before it’s released on 11 November!

Anyway, I’m off to try it out now, I’ll post an update to let you know what it’s like. Eventually!