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Tally Ho!

Wizzard Prang here, real name Steve.

Tally Ho!

This site is a mishmash of my geocaching adventures, some technical babble, plus the occasional whinge. Consider yourself suitably warned.

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What’s in a name?

When I was a young lad, I loved the Biggles stories and so began a love of aviation, especially historic warbirds. In the “Biggles” era, pilots tended to be gentlemen with a certain “boys own” attitude to flying those early aircraft. They flew “kites” and, often as not, crashed them either by heavy landing or due to mechanical failure. Due to the low speeds involved, they walked away from many a “pranged kite” and presumable straight into the Mess for a G&T. The colloquial language of these men included words such as “Wheeze” and “Wizard”. So an aeroplane crash with a good outcome was a “wizard prang”. Right-Oh, cabbage crates over the briny! What!? Carry on!

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