Black Ops – Done!

If you are expecting a review, I’m sorry to disappoint. There are plenty who will do a reasonable job of that. Suffice to say, what a great game!

I’ve finally managed to find the time to complete the single player campaign. It’s an interesting story, if not exactly historically accurate; however it has been great fun! There are some dodgy references (Bay of Pigs, for example) and some far fetched threads, however there are also some really cool bits like the “Apocalypse Now” style level with brilliantly chosen Rolling Stones track “Sympathy for the Devil”. Plus Sergeant Reznov is back from WAW 🙂

I experienced the same feeling on finishing the campaign as I did with MW2. As the final cut scene played out and the credits rolled I had an almost palpable feeling of loss, almost a poignant feeling of comrades I will never see again. Of course in reality it was just a disappointment that something enjoyable has ended! And then, at the very end of the final cut scene we see… (Ha ha, no spoilers!).

Anyway… I only did it on Regular so I still have Veteran to do and that, dear reader, will be a whole different game!

Plus there is still Multiplayer to start. Maybe I’ll see you on XBox live 😉

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COD WW Update

Ok, a quick update. COD5 multiplayer is awesome! In the beta there are 3 maps, Roundhouse is Germans v. Russians and you get to drive a tank! The others are set in the pacific theatre, playing as either Japanese or American troops.

Levels only go up to 11 in the beta. The basic setup is like COD4 as you’d expect. Kill streaks reward you with spotter planes, artillery bombardment and attack dogs! The dogs are vicious as they hunt you down wherever you are! LOL.

The main difference to me was that the weapons aren’t as good as COD4 (obviously!) e.g. Smaller magazines, slower rate of fire, etc. It all takes some getting used to!

Anyway? I’ll post some more when I get time.