Another Postcard from New York

Happy days!

happy days


Making ladder climbing more difficult:

health and safety


Rock-climbing pipe cleaners:

rock climbing pipe cleaners


“I don’t give a shit”:

sign seller


Central Park Proposal:

the propsal


Dogs and Pretzels:

hot dog cart


An Englishman in New York:



Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect:

nypd vehicles


The subway cars are air-conditioned!:



Americans are very patriotic:

stars and stripes


911 Memorial. Respect and Remembrance:

911 Memorial


Postcard from New York

I took quite a few photographs as we wandered around Manhattan. Here are a few “postcards”. Hope you like them.


Not all Manhattan buildings are glass and stainless steel:

interesting stonework


Or shiny and new:

Office windows


Wholesale clothing, 2nd Floor:



Here’s a site for sore eyes:

site for sore eyes


High above the modern shop fronts, there are still signs of the old, um, signs:

Macys old signs


Urban Outfitters have gone for a minimal, loft style. I love this:

bare pipes


Subject to inspection:

bit of a dump


There’s still space available:

space available


Back to my park

We recently had a family holiday in Manhattan. NYC is one of our favourite places and we had an awesome time. Unfortunately as soon as we got home, I found that my mother had been taken ill and I’ve spent the last week dealing with that. So rather than basking in a post-holiday afterglow all I got was jet lag and the NHS.

This just goes to prove how important it is to grab that holiday moment and enjoy where you are and what you are doing when you are doing it. Good old Carpe Diem, as they say.

Hence, it has taken a while to get around to posting anything and I have yet to complete the edit of my holiday snaps. Meanwhile, as I sit in front of my Mac with this


bringing back memories of last week, here’s a “postcard from New York”.

When in Manhattan we always seem to gravitate to Bryant Park. Unlike Central Park it is a small, friendly rectangle of green at the back of the Library where New York’s natives go to sunbathe, read, eat lunch, play chess or listen to the lunchtime pianist. Incidentely, here’s a sign you will never see in an English park.

bryant park

In case you were waiting for some tales of geocaching, I must say right now that this was not a caching holiday.



No geocaching.

On pain of death.


We did find one cache, mainly so that Daughter.1 could get a USA cache and the NY State souvenir. One lunchtime we found Bryant Park Micro. Caching in Manhattan is not easy, the GPS is mostly rubbish due to the tall buildings (much worse than London, which you would expect) and most of the caches are either micros or nanos. Plus, as you already know, New York never sleeps. There are always hundreds of people milling about. Luckily this one could be completed using the hint and some dead reckoning (read the page) and in fact having read it up in the hotel I didn’t get my GPS out at all. The container was pretty big by Manhattan standards – a mag key safe – although with the park being full of people, retrieving it was not easy. Still, with a bit of subterfuge/bare-faced cheek, job done.

With the geocaching out of our system, so to speak, it was on with the sightseeing. Back on 5th I found this. A ready-made business for me if ever there was one.

my shop

Our hotel was pretty close to the Empire State Building. Here’s a hand-held shot of it from our roof terrace on Labor Day evening. Sorry I didn’t have a tripod. In case you didn’t know, the ESB people light up the top in a wide range of colour combinations to mark special events.

ESB on Labor Day

And here it is the next morning, taken before breakfast. <sigh>.

ESB day

Talking of food, I had a lot of these (but not for breakfast).


Yum. 🙂

Once I get my photographic act together I’ll post a few more New York snaps.

Bye for now. 😉

Geocaching in Manhattan

I recently went on holiday to New York with my family. I knew that we would be very busy taking in as many sights as possible, nevertheless I was determined not to miss the opportunity to grab a few caches in a new country. Fortunately, my wife and daughters were happy to allow me a small slice of geocaching time.

So, I managed to grab a modest 5 caches:

Caching Day 1.

Brit in the Park 

Bryant Park

The eponymous park & my family share some commonality, so we had to pay it a visit. My first experience of the effect of extremely tall buildings on a GPS signal! We bought lunch and enjoyed the sunshine while I waited for the GPS to find some satellites, then I made my way to the cache. Unfortunately a bloke was standing right next to it, engaged in a phone conversation, so even though I could see the container I couldn’t grab it. I wandered around the park for a while then returned, fortunately he had moved on so I was able to get it second time around.

Caching Day 2.

Twitter cache 

Central Park

The following day we went to Central Park. Being a Twitter user, this cache caught my eye, so leaving the girls looking at the Dairy, I made for GZ, with a reasonable GPS signal. I spent a while looking in the wrong place and, thinking about the prospect of returning to a very bored family if I stayed much longer, I was on the point of giving up when by chance I looked somewhere else and spotted the container! This was particularly apt, given the nature of  the last cache I had found before leaving for the USA (Dr Solly’s RFC 1149).

Umpire Rock 

Continuing our tour of Central Park. The advantage of an Earth Cache over a traditional in such a busy location made it an easy choice. It took a while to identify the various features and photograph them. Meanwhile, what an impressive feature this rock is, I hadn’t realised until reading the cache page that the Park had natural features like this. Amazing! Once I was back at the hotel (with a WiFi signal), I did the necessary research to complete the answers. In the interests of travelling light, I had left the MacBook Air at home, bringing only my iPad on holiday with me so I didn’t upload the photographs until I got home; at which point I realised I hadn’t included my GPSr in all the photographs. Still, the CO was happy enough so that was another smiley!

Stone Face 

Once we left Central Park, we walked up 5th Avenue to the Guggenheim. On the way we passed the location for this cache. Yet another marvellous building, the cache was a virtual and required me to count some features. That was a bit of a challenge as I couldn’t see the whole building from a single viewpoint so it required some moving about and concentrating on the numbers. On 5th Avenue. In Manhattan. With a wife & two daughters keen to move on to the next location. Still, the CO was happy with the answer I emailed so I must have been about right.

Caching Day 3.

The Empire Strikes Back 

View from the Empire State Building

This proved to be something else altogether. As the title suggests (and of course when you look at the map) it’s obvious where this one is. Once again it was a virtual, although the requirements to claim the find were quite specific. We decided to make the ascent at night, at about 22.30. What a fantastic view, the photographs I took don’t begin to do it justice. It seemed a fitting last cache for this first visit to New York City.