Microsoft Certification

I expect you’ve seen the news item about the five year old passing his Microsoft Certified Professional exam. Seems to me that’s similar to those “gifted” children who pass their A-Levels before they can walk.

Back in the day I worked in IT support and have been subjected to years of working with Microsoft products. I think this qualifies me to observe that:

  1. There is no substitute for experience
  2. I wouldn’t let anyone with only a Microsoft qualification anywhere near my server room.





Last week I haz been mainly…

This last week I have been mainly decorating my Mother in Law’s new pad; whilst at home, amongst other things, I mended a wardrobe door, re-washered a tap and had the Freelander serviced.

What with doing all that plus the usual household admin there hasn’t been any time for caching at all. Not good!

I have solved a puzzle cache although as it’s not local I have yet to go and find it.  At least other local cachers have been a bit more productive, my new series in particular has had a few visitors. Which is nice.

Domain admin

I recently set up some hosting for daughter.2’s website. While I was doing this I decided to move my existing website to the same hosting.

The new hosting is with a different company to the Registrar of my own domain. I was a bit concerned that this might be a pain, although upon investigation it seems easy enough to transfer registrar. However I decided not to change that until the domain nears renewal. Instead I just changed the name servers. I don’t know why I thought that would be difficult, because it wasn’t. It took a bit more than 24 hours for the change to percolate through the internet but it’s done now. I’ve just stuck a holding page on the new hosting for now – I should have the website copied over in a day or so. After that I plan to do some redesign, although that is taking a back seat while I work on my daughter’s website. I’ll post the link when it’s done.

On being retired

I’ve just realised it is now over a year since I left my job so I thought I ought to say something to mark the anniversary.

Even though I’m “retired”, I’ve been kept almost fully occupied, so much so  that I sometime wonder how I got stuff like this done back in the day when I was working and I only had weekends and the odd day off to get “social & domestic” jobs done. Hmm, I’m sure there’s a time management theory about that.

Another thing I’ve found is that I haven’t thought about – or missed – my old job. Actually that’s not quite true. Now I think about it, I have missed the internal politics, the escalating expectations of our masters of us to do more with less, dealing with idiosyncratic staff & customers, the commute, having to use bloody Microsoft products and waiting three years for our masters to sell us down the river (also known as outsourcing), to name but a few.

So, I’ve not missed it much then! I have however missed the interaction with a few of my colleagues (a little bit). I try to keep in touch with the few I consider friends and of course I can always flip through Facebook occasionally.

Still, I don’t regard myself as “retired”, if I was an actor I’d probably use the term “resting”. I’m on the lookout for a suitable part time job but the focus is on doing something I enjoy, I don’t want to end up in the rat race again. Meanwhile I’ll just carry on being retired.

Oh, and my new lifestyle hasn’t resulted in any lie-ins. I’m still the first person to get up in the morning.

My new life begins

Well, dear reader; it has finally happened.

Last Friday was my last day working for my very, very long-term employer. It has been a difficult year, what with me wanting to leave but having to wait for the right moment to escape with both sanity and soul intact. Well, I finally made it out alive.

As you might expect, I had mixed feelings about leaving, after all I had been there for many, many years. All the expected feelings competed for my attention: loyalty to my colleagues and employer, leaving my comfort zone, fear of the unknown, etc. At the same time, our way of working was about to change significantly and, on balance, leaving before the Big Change was the best option for me. Of course I will miss many of the people I worked with, both in our department and my customers in the wider organisation but, equally, there are some I will be glad to see the back of. Similarly, while I still enjoyed the job on the rare occasions I was able to do some “real IT”, the nature of the role had changed substantially over the last couple of years and it was no longer the job I had signed up for. It was time to get out.

So, this week I have been mainly retired! This state will not last for ever as after a decent rest to flush out my system, I will be sallying forth to pastures new. 🙂

Crap Day

Had to sit through an hour of management speak, being told how much they are doing for the workforce and what a valuable contribution we all make, while all the time they know they are actively investigating outsourcing.

Meanwhile some tosser (sorry customer) seems to think I’m a mindreader and can magic 2 extra slots in a 1U server for some cards he’s bought without even consulting me. Never mind it’s a prod server and he obviously thinks it will just “happen”. Yeah I’ll just lend him my swipe card and he can sodding well do the job himself! Except he can’t ‘cos he’s a moron.

Ah, well. Rant over and tomorrow, as Miss Scarlet would say, is another day.