This weekend I has been mainly…

…playing multiplayer on COD Black Ops.

Finished the campaign a while back but hadn’t had the time to dip into XBox Live.

Over the weekend I’ve spent about 3 hours on-line and what fun. Of course the lobbies are full of prestige’d up geeks who have probably done nothing else but MP since the game came out but nevertheless I managed to have fun and not disgrace myself completely.

Yup, still here.

Been too busy to post recently so, to sate your understandable curiosity dear reader …

Work shit. Domestic shit. Sorted out daughter’s car. Joined Facebook. Completed Battlefield: Bad Company  – f’kin brilliant game! but not quite as good as… playing COD4 on XBox Live (getting better, got promoted, unlocked Overkill perk) – Macmillan would be impressed!