Or, the day I deactivated Facebook.

The IT Crowd using Friendface

The IT Crowd – obsessed by Friendface.

I’ve not used Facebook for months so I was already wondering whether I could live without it. (Spoiler Alert: I can).

So with the latest furore around Cambridge Analytica and Mr. Zuckerberg declining requests to reduce the amount of our personal data Facebook hoovers up, I thought it would be interesting to see what data Facebook holds on me.

Facebook can also tell you whether your data was harvested by Cambridge Analytica. In my case apparently not. I guess it would be unlikely as I’m not a US citizen but well, you never know for sure, do you? Have a look for yourself.

Facebook tells me Facebook didn't share my data

Anyhoo, I downloaded my Facebook data. Turned out not to be too bad, which was good news considering I’d always taken steps to nail down my privacy settings. You can download your FB data too, here’s how.

So, goodbye Facebook. I’m not deleting it completely just yet, I’m taking the soft option of deactivating it. Here’s how to do that.

If you know me, you’ll know that I’m on Instagram – which isn’t linked to my Facebook account – and I still emit the occasional Tweet. People who like Westies, Land Rovers and Geocaching will no doubt be pleased to learn that I’m not going off the grid. 😉

Now, where did I put my Flickr logon credentials…




On being retired

I’ve just realised it is now over a year since I left my job so I thought I ought to say something to mark the anniversary.

Even though I’m “retired”, I’ve been kept almost fully occupied, so much so  that I sometime wonder how I got stuff like this done back in the day when I was working and I only had weekends and the odd day off to get “social & domestic” jobs done. Hmm, I’m sure there’s a time management theory about that.

Another thing I’ve found is that I haven’t thought about – or missed – my old job. Actually that’s not quite true. Now I think about it, I have missed the internal politics, the escalating expectations of our masters of us to do more with less, dealing with idiosyncratic staff & customers, the commute, having to use bloody Microsoft products and waiting three years for our masters to sell us down the river (also known as outsourcing), to name but a few.

So, I’ve not missed it much then! I have however missed the interaction with a few of my colleagues (a little bit). I try to keep in touch with the few I consider friends and of course I can always flip through Facebook occasionally.

Still, I don’t regard myself as “retired”, if I was an actor I’d probably use the term “resting”. I’m on the lookout for a suitable part time job but the focus is on doing something I enjoy, I don’t want to end up in the rat race again. Meanwhile I’ll just carry on being retired.

Oh, and my new lifestyle hasn’t resulted in any lie-ins. I’m still the first person to get up in the morning.

I’m still on Facebook!

Like many, I’ve been concerned at Facebook’s cavalier attitude to its users’ personal data, however things have improved of late. In part this must be due to pressure from movements like Quit Facebook Day. OK so it doesn’t seem to have lived up to expectations with far fewer actually deleting their accounts than had promised, but I’m sure FB has been listening to its critics.

Speaking personally, I don’t use it that much, just for keeping in touch with family & friends and I wouldn’t delete my account. Oh yes, there are things that annoy me. E.g. one day when I went onto my profile page it insisted that I link all my music interests to “band” pages and when I failed to do that it deleted the lot! Oh, and I’m so over Farmville.

Where was I? Please excuse my rambling. Yes I am still on Facebook but that doesn’t mean I’m happy for them to pass my details on to third parties. So, fellow Facebookers, don’t forget the multitude of privacy settings available to you and watch what is out there about you on the interweb!

Yup, still here.

Been too busy to post recently so, to sate your understandable curiosity dear reader …

Work shit. Domestic shit. Sorted out daughter’s car. Joined Facebook. Completed Battlefield: Bad Company  – f’kin brilliant game! but not quite as good as… playing COD4 on XBox Live (getting better, got promoted, unlocked Overkill perk) – Macmillan would be impressed!