Recently, I have been mainly solving puzzles. And finding some of them.

I first looked at 1321¬†many moons ago but didn’t get anywhere with the puzzle. However, a recent conversation with the Cache Owner gave me a hint as to how it might be solved. So, here’s a hint from me, gratis. Try googling RFC1321. There you go. ūüėČ

As is often the case with me and puzzles,¬†all did not go smoothly to begin with, as I spent a long time trying to do the wrong thing. Eventually (with more hints from the CO¬†and a lot of perseverance) I was rewarded with a ‘Yes’ from geochecker.

Having offered my daughters a lift to their equine activities I was ideally placed to visit this cache. No coincidence. ¬†Skye and I were soon enjoying a longish walk through parkland to the cache location. At GZ I had a good GPS signal and soon narrowed the search¬†area down, and¬†I was working my way through the likely places when, unexpectedly, I got a phone call from Daughter.2 requesting a pickup. “Darn”, I thought, “I haven’t found the cache yet”. Just then I looked down and spotted the cache peeking out from its hiding place! Result!

Then, this Wednesday, I decided to collect a puzzle cache I’d solved the coords for in 2014. I really enjoyed solving 6 Degrees, this was a film-based puzzle featuring the ¬†well known premise that every Hollywood actor can be linked to Kevin Bacon within 6 steps. Once again I learnt some (probably useless) information as a direct result of geocaching.

The reason I’d not gone for the find after solving the puzzle was due to the long running saga of my eye problems (documented elsewhere) but, with my eyesight now back to normal, I’d started to work through my list of solved but unfound puzzles, so¬†here we are.

I’m not going to give the game away re. location, etc., but I took the precaution of running¬†¬†my coords through geochecker once again just in case the cache had been relocated in the intervening years. Thus reassured, ¬†I found a good parking spot for me and Skye to head off for an¬†enjoyable walk in the autumn sunshine. No spoilers, but this was an ingeniously created hiding place and well worth the trip.

Then, later on the same Wednesday (2nd Nov) the estimable Dr. Solly published a new cache. Now, his puzzle caches are always worth a look and I find them especially interesting as the puzzles¬†are often technology-based. This was no exception. If you look at the cache page for GC6WBNZ you’ll see he hasn’t given you a lot to go on. As I said, it’s a “techie” cache and, while I had an idea, I did do a bit of research to check I was on the right track. So, I knew what I had to do, so I employed that method and…


This was not what I expected. I checked with my mate Bob, who also being very techie, had arrived at the same method as me.He couldn’t get it to work either. The same day, another cacher FTF’d it. Hmm. By now I was somewhat puzzled. Maybe I had got it wrong. I decided to leave it for a while and yesterday evening, in a random moment, I gave it¬†another go. Imagine my surprise when the coords appeared on my screen.¬†The very thing which didn’t work before, worked this time,¬†and I had the coords! The only explanation I’ve got for this anomaly is that¬†either some sort of technical issue befell Dr.¬†Solly’s servers, or The Elders of the Internet were having an extended tea break.

I contacted Bob¬†who confirmed that he too had obtained the coords. Itchy geocaching feet or not, we weren’t able to go for it that same evening.¬†This afternoon we both had a free slot in our diaries so we made the trip¬†over to GZ, where we were rewarded with a typically enormous container crammed with loads of¬†Dr Solly loot. Second to Find. Happy with that!¬†ūüôā



Domain admin

I recently set up some hosting for daughter.2’s website. While I was doing this I decided to move my existing website to the same hosting.

The new hosting is with a different company to the Registrar of my own domain. I was a bit concerned that this might be a pain, although upon investigation it seems easy enough to transfer registrar. However I decided not to change that until the domain nears renewal. Instead I just changed the name servers. I don’t know why I thought that would be difficult, because it wasn’t. It took a bit more than 24 hours for the change to percolate through the internet but it’s done now. I’ve just stuck a holding page on the new hosting for now – I should have the website copied over in a day or so. After that I plan to do some redesign, although that is taking a back seat while I work on my daughter’s website. I’ll post the link when it’s done.

R.I.P. www.wizzardprang.co.uk

http://www.wizzardprang.co.uk is no more. It has ceased to be. Bereft of life it rests in peace!

You get the idea. I have not used the site at all for ages and I cannot remember when I last updated it so I decided to pull the plug before the hosting company billed me for its renewal next week.

I have several other places to use for image hosting so I’ll be updating various links etc. over the next few days. Meanwhile this blog, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr will suffice to serve my presence on the interweb.