This is English snow…

… what do you expect?

This is England. Something the armchair (or should that be studio) experts forget whilst discussing how crap England is at dealing with snow. Yes, we had loads of snow but it only happens once in a while. The last time we had this much snow my first daughter was just one year old. She’s 19 now!

Now, it’s worth remembering we don’t live in Moscow or Helsinki. In such places there is persistent snow for several months on end. In such places it is sensible, indeed essential, that motorists have studded tyres or snow chains because they drive in the snow all the time. Over here, aside from the expense of keeping two sets of wheels/tyres, the practicalities of swapping over to studded tyres at the drop of a hat don’t stack up. Similarly the majority of English motorists don’t have much experience of driving on snow or ice; they are woefully unprepared when their normal journey to work degenerates into a low speed slide straight to the scene of an expensive accident.

I didn’t go into work today, mainly because the roads (including a closed M1) didn’t allow for it. I stayed at home like most sensible folk, instead of clogging up the roads with abandoned cars and putting strain on the emergency services, etc..

Now then, public transport. Don’t get me started on that one! While I’m content to keep off the roads, there are many, many people who would like to use public transport (for me it’s a 20 minute drive to the railway station so it’s not really an option) yet time after time the system lets them down. Hardly any trains, the underground stuffed and today no London buses! What? Now that is where we could learn something from our frozen neighbours!