Oh, Bugger. Another geocaching slump.

Back in September we had a late family holiday after the school holidays ended. By now I would have posted something about my geocaching activities (especially as I managed to drag Mrs. WP and both my daughters along on a caching trip). So, where is that very interesting post? I hear you ask. (Ok so you might not actually have vocalised that particular question but it’s a convenient link).

Soon after we got back from Devon I had another retinal detachment, this time in my left eye.

My eye post surgery

While I could see perfectly well before the surgery, afterwards I couldn’t see a thing for a couple of weeks and it is only recently that my eye has recovered sufficiently to return me to something approaching normal allowing me to break radio silence.

Last time, my enforced sabbatical from geocaching resulted in a slump (no finds) of 49 days. As of today, I’ve equalled my existing record and if I don’t find a cache tomorrow I will have set a new one. While I’ve been tempted to take a leaf out of the book of the only blind geocacher I know, the intrepid Washknight, my eye has not yet fully recovered from its surgery so I’m not ready to risk getting it poked with a branch or some such while I rummage under the hedgerow for a small item of tupperware. I am, however suffering from the geocaching equivalent of cabin fever.

Maybe I’ll get around to writing that Devon geocaching post to stop myself looking at all those new caches on the map…


Geocaching slump

Before my retina inconsiderately detached itself I had already built up a fairly long period of not finding a cache. GC.com call this (slightly disparagingly) a “slump”.

By last week I had easily set a new personal slump record. Luckily there was an event on Tuesday organised by a local cacher over Chesham-way, so with Bob providing the transport, I managed to attend. It was an enjoyable evening.

That stopped my longest slump in its tracks at 49 days! My next target is to actually get back outside and find my first physical geocache of 2015.