Bordering on a Pension (or three)

The event on Tuesday went well. Loads of cachers turned up and a good time was had by all. Bob, Martin and I had set a few new caches in the surrounding area to keep everyone busy during the evening (although the usual FTF hounds were out early in the morning as soon as they were published!).

Bob and I decided to go out with a small group to find some of the caches, I then discovered that Martin had gone as well which meant all three COs had left their own event. Oops! (Closely followed by “Oh well!”). We started with one of my caches near the pub, A Crooked Sign, which I didn’t find, obviously, before striking off along the lane to find one of Martin’s – Bolivar’s Epaulettes. I think the idea up until now was to find that one and go back to the event, but somehow we all agreed to carry on for “just one more”. Well I expect you’ve heard that phrase before! So of course we found the next one, Che’s Beret, which was closely followed by Zapata’s Moustache.

By now we had met up with another gaggle of cachers from the event so with some encouragement from Martin we went in search of the bonus cache, Morpheus’ Shades. I don’t know whether there being lots of us milling about, plus a couple of geohounds getting in the way made finding the cache more difficult but a fair bit of chaos ensued, with the CO standing back, grinning and telling us we were “cold” “warmish” etc. Suddenly one of our number – the agile Simply Paul – cried out “Found!” He stayed in the tree while the rest of us signed the log.

It was getting gloomy in the woods as we set off back to base, stopping for the last time at my other cache A Crooked Lane. Now it was my turn to stand back while everyone tried to find it, which was actually quite fun. Still, they found it OK and we set off back to the pub.

The side story to this last cache is this. Prior to the event Bob, Martin and I had divided the area up so that we knew who was placing caches where. Simples! After I’d submitted mine I mentioned this to Martin. In the ensuing chat we discovered that we had both placed one of our caches in exactly the same place! His was underneath a large object and mine was… well that is something you’ll have to find for yourself! Anyway Martin agreed to move his elsewhere. What a Gent!