No More Than(k you)

A while back I contacted my home insurer with a view to making a claim. They were very unhelpful, bordering on obstructive – seemed that they didn’t think my problem was covered by the policy (surprise!) and it would be up to me to have the necessary work done at my expense then use the tradesman’s report to prove that it was covered.

Since then I have had several requests from them to complete a customer satisfaction survey. I ignored the first one and completed the second. When they sent me another email I thought, serve them right, and filled it in again. Today they sent me yet another email. Well I’m sorry, More Than, you are a useless bunch and I am tired of telling you how dissatisfied I was with the way you handed my ‘claim or enquiry’. Guess what I will be doing come renewal.


So tonight we were mostly spared the usual political, partisan voting. Instead we were treated to the bizarre spectacle of a bearded bloke in a frock singing badly and then blubbing because he won. Meanwhile the French ensemble sang a song about male hirsuteness and got about 2 points.

Still, we all know it’s never about the song.

Don’t we?