Who would actually make Parcel Force their courier of choice?

So, after some email ranting yesterday, today I got an email from Parcel Force to the effect that my parcel would now be delivered today between 07.00 and 17.30. No apology. So I emailed them to ask why they hadn’t apologised.  At least they replied to that and apologised. Still no explanation as to why they couldn’t deliver. I also received an email from the supplier who got it all wrong. So I’ve emailed them back as well to ask why they hire Parcel Force instead of someone reliable.

At the end of the day there was some good news. Parcel Force delivered my parcel. At 17.35. As he handed it over, the driver said, “Better late than never”.


Was “Never” an option?

Bloody well hope not!

Parcel Farce up to their usual tricks

Once again Parcel Force have failed to deliver a parcel to me on their “Express 24” service. Actually it was already late – it should have been delivered yesterday so more of a 48 hour service, eh? According to their tracker, the item was out on the van from 09.12 this morning. Despite someone being at home all day they never showed. (What’s new?)

So I just checked the tracking page again. I was really pissed off to see a new entry at 19.38 – “Delivery Attempted”. What a load of cr*p.

Of course, it’s a lie. I know this because:

a. We were in at that time and nobody called, plus no card was left.

b. The next tracking entry – “Parcel returned to/received in depot” was timed at 19.45. That’s 7 minutes later. Their depot is in Milton Keynes. From our house that’s about 40 miles by road. 7 minutes? Total b*llocks.

I’ve fired off some angry emails although I know they will fall on deaf ears. Just hope the goods turn up tomorrow.