Minor works

We’ve acquired a piece of furniture from my Mother-in-law who is moving house shortly and has, consequently,  a surplus of furniture.

Not my Mother in Law

It’s a nice storage unit which my wife decided would be good in our den. I use the term “den” in the loosest possible sense, but I think it suffices as a short description of the room’s various functions in our household.

Too much?

Anyway, the idea was that this “new” piece of furniture would replace a six-drawer storage unit which we have wanted to get rid of for some time. The swap was, on the face of it, a simple ½ hour job. Except that we decided to move the desk to where the storage unit was and put the storage where the desk was. Which meant the power cables to the LAN hardware had to be relocated. Which meant getting the drill out to hang a power point on the wall. And vacuuming up the brick dust… <sigh>. At least moving the printer was a breeze – it has a wireless LAN connection.

After all that, it was time to sort through all the old stuff, deciding what I could chuck out. I dug out some of the old software CDs and binned them (I’ve kept a copy of XP for old times’ sake) but I have yet to tackle the dreaded cable drawer.


Think I’ll leave that ’till tomorrow.