My faith has been restored…

I have to say: F1 has left me feeling somewhat jaded of late.

The script goes something like this, Seb Vettel starts from pole, leads into the first corner, runs away and hides. Not to denigrate his wins but it has been a bit boring. Add to that the (in my opinion) fake overtaking opportunities which DRS has produced and my interest in the racing part of a GP weekend has waned.

This weekend I watched as much as I could of Eurosport’s coverage of the LeMans 24 hours. Even at 3am it had me riveted to the screen. If only our local lad Anthony Davidson had finished first… Ah, well there’s always next year. I figured that the Canadian GP would be a bit rubbish after that (based on my view of the season so far) and it certainly started out that way. I mean, starting under Safety Car rules. WTF?

And then things got interesting. Hamilton was up to his usual tricks, nerfing people off left right and centre. F1 experts far better qualified than I have already put their thoughts in print on this subject sooo, ’nuff said. Then Jenson had a spot of bother with Alonso which dropped him to 21st and dead last. Add to that the stoppage due to the rain. I nearly gave up watching at that point.

I am so glad I watched the restart! Button clawing his way up the field and my old favourite Michael Schumacher doing fastest lap after fastest lap, faster than Vettel! For a while there I thought Schuey was on for 2nd or maybe a podium, but thanks to that ridiculous DRS Webber was able to pass him easily. Still, 4th was a brilliant position for Michael. On top of that, Jenson had caught up with and passed everyone up to Vettel. Then Seb made a mistake and Button was through. [adopts Murray Walker voice] Fan. Tas. Tic!

So, even with umpteen safety car periods and all that rain – a brilliant race.

Roll on Valencia.