My Lego goes geocaching!

Just before Christmas, my slightly Lego-obsessed friend David (see his blog here) sent me some brilliant customised Lego on a geocaching theme. I promised him I’d set up a Mini-figure geocaching adventure.  I’m sorry it’s taken so long but here it is!

comic strip 1comic strip 2comic strip 3comic strip 4

Thank you once again David for the mini geocaching supplies – I think these may feature in my online logs for some future (full sized) geocaches! 🙂


Another helping of Pi(e)

So I’ve been playing with the Pi again.

I’ve done a spot of admin, created a new user so that I can delete the default user (for security reasons). I’ve installed Apache, PHP and MySQL. I need Apache so I can use the Pi as a web server, while the other two will come in useful later on when I learn how to use PHP…

Next step will be to set up a copy of my current website and then, hopefully, set it up on the web so that others can see it.

Oh, one more thing. The Pi doesn’t come with a case. I could (and still might) cannibalise the plastic box it came in or I could buy one of the many cases on the market. Instead, I made a case from Lego which was much more fun.