Geocaching on Leap Day

I filled my caching grid day for the 29th of Feb last time we had a leap year but I thought it would be good to pick up the 2016 souvenirs. There was an event up near Woburn that evening so I went with Bob. After the event we drove a short loop to pick up a few caches on the way home. First off was GC5VJ1F, followed by a puzzle cache  GC5X7WP. This was quite easy to solve and find. Next was GC5XJW6 and yes, we read the cache page right to the end. If you read it you’ll see the funny side too. Lastly we found GC5TB99 before rejoining the main road and heading for home.

Including the event itself that was a pleasing 5 finds, bringing my total for the 29th Feb to 38 finds. However I’ve still only found 14 this year so I’ve got a long way to go to equal my best year (as it happens that was 2012, the last leap year).