WordPress Gadget

And here’s a screenshot of the WordPress gadget in action on my iPhone.

I wasn’t sure what use I’d make of iPhone’s screenshot function but now I know!

For those iPhone users who haven’t already discovered this, you can take a picture of the screen by pressing the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time. The screen flashes briefly to show you it has worked and the resulting image is saved to your iPhoto library.


Armed with a large Americano I joined a short queue at CPW early this morning. One hour later I was still in the same place, and had run out of coffee! Turned out the O2 servers couldn’t cope with the demand, well they couldn’t have anticipated that, could they? At least our queue was fairly short, the queue at the nearby O2 store was (to quote a chap in my queue) like the great wall of China!

Anyway, after a further 30 minutes or so the systems started working and the CPW staff got down to some serious iPhone-flogging.

So I have got my iPhone and it’s brilliant!

Going shopping early tomorrow…

I rang my local CPW Store this morning to enquire about their opening time for the iPhone 3G launch tomorrow. Good job I did!

The conversation went something like this:

Me “What time are you opening tomorrow?” 
CPW “08:02, sir” 
Me “Are you expecting a queue?” 
CPW “Have you reserved one?” 
Me “No, do I need to? How many do you have?” 
CPW “We have 2 left” 
Me “Can I reserve one then?” 
CPW “Yes, of course”

So I did! Hopefully tomorrow I will be the proud owner of an iPhone. I’ll let you know!