Cornish Wedding

This time last week we set off to drive some 300 miles down to Cornwall for a family wedding. I, Mrs WizzardPrang and our 2 daughters piled into my Freelander with enough luggage to last a fortnight, thereby increasing the Freely’s weight from about 1.8 tons to nearly 3. Despite this handicap the Freely performed superbly and we arrived in St Mawes raring to go. This was a 3-day event so we’d rented a house for the week.

It was an upside-down house, i.e. the living room was upstairs to make the most of the view. Here it is:

view of the living room

For some reason the WiFi was set to deliver just a single IP address, in other words it would only allow one device to be connected at a time. This was a bit of a problem for us so while Mrs WP unpacked 24 pairs of shoes I set about configuring our devices so that we could all access the internet at the same time (essential if I was to avoid a family mutiny). It was simply a case of assigning manual IP addresses so, 1 MacBook Air, 3 iPads and 4 iPhones later we were good to go. Before you reach for the “comment” button, yes I had tried to hack the router’s DHCP first.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand. The view from our balcony.

view from the balcony

Stage one of the event was afternoon tea at the hotel, so after freshening up we made our way down to the harbour. Now, I had looked at the OS map before so I knew that there would be a bit of an elevation change. In other words, we were at the top of a steep hill and the hotel was at the bottom.

the hill from our house

This bit was 1:3

the steepest bit

As we found out later, going back up was much harder.

On the way down we found this old well.

Old well

So we arrived at the hotel, The Idle Rocks, for cream tea on the terrace overlooking the harbour. Very nice.

The Idle Rocks across the harbour

After tea we walked back up the hill (gasp!) to change for dinner, then back to the Idle Rocks for an evening of chatting, drinks, a cornish buffet and a quiz. My wife’s family always does a quiz. Then back up the hill again. (Gasp, wheeze)

Next day we had the morning to ourselves so we had a wander around St Mawes.

St Mawes Harbour

St Mawes is quaint with some interesting details. Two shillings & threepence a gallon. Good grief.

Petrol Pumps

The view from the other side of the hotel, with the Idle Rocks and its terrace on the right.

harbour view from The Idle Rocks

I haven’t mentioned geocaching yet, have I? There was a cache nearby. It would have been daft not to grab it, or the other one I found on the walk back to our house. If you are interested, they are: GC4JK3H and GC1RZMQ

In the evening we returned to the Idle Rocks for a champagne reception followed by dinner, speeches and dancing. And cake. And drinking. And, just so you know, I don’t dance. Ever. On Sunday morning, we returned to the hotel terrace for the last time for coffee and cakes, and to say our farewells.

We had a brilliant time with gorgeous weather and the whole weekend went off extremely well. Plus once we said goodbye to everyone else, we still had a few more days on our own before heading home.