No sign of Robin Hood…

Last weekend we stayed in a cabin in a forest.

cabin in the woods

We were right next to Sherwood Forest, ancient stamping ground of the legendary outlaw and wearer of green tights*, Robin Hood. Actually, we were located in a Forestry Commission forest a few miles from Sherwood itself.

It was a very peaceful location, surrounded as we were by pines. Lots of them.

a view of the pine trees

The main purpose of the break was relaxation rather than adventure. We went for lots of walks in the forest. I even managed a couple of caches.

Firstly, we went to Sherwood Forest and did the touristy thing. In the middle of Sherwood Forest is a tree called ‘Major Oak’. I think it’s supposed to date from the time of Robin, it’s certainly extremely old and needs help to stand up.

the major oak tree

Nearby was Major Oak (GC2024), a pretty old cache placed in October 2001. While the rest of the family took photos of the big tree, I set off into the woods to locate the cache. I knew it when I saw it – what a whopper!

major oak cache

The next day, our daughters went horse riding so my OH and I drove to Cresswell Crags where there is a series of geocaches. Doing the series was never going to be on the cards but I managed to pick up CCD#2: In Memorium (GC516BW). I’m always interested in anything with an aviation connection so it was good to be able to visit this memorial to this unfortunate Royal Canadian Air Force crew who died when their Wellington crashed during a training exercise. Also commemorated on the memorial is a local RAF fighter pilot.

RCAF memorial

As for the cache, I even managed to get my OH to help with the search (she even spotted it before me!) but I haven’t been able to convert her and she resolutely remains a muggle. Oh well!



* I don’t believe the green tights bit is historically accurate.

Cabin life

Cabin in the forest

We just spent a long weekend in the Forest of Dean, staying in a log cabin in the forest. Ok, the cabins aren’t really constructed from logs but they are timber and are quite sophisticated with all mod cons, even WiFi. To be honest I don’t think I could ever go anywhere without access to the internet for more than a day, still…

Anyway, the cabins are embedded in the forest, there is no external lighting so once it gets dark it’s, well, very dark. Plus there’s the absence of noise. Marvellous.

This was the furthest we’ve driven with our dog. What can I say?  She was brilliant and handled the journeys very well. I’m now confident we can take her pretty much anywhere.

We had some great trips out, e.g. to Symonds Yat and Goodrich Castle. Oh, and I even managed a bit of Geocaching.