Door handles

Some of the springs in our door handles had broken and I really didn’t want to replace the handles – I’d never get them to match or cover the old screw holes. Anyway, I discovered that I could buy replacement springs off the internet. Who knew?

So today I spent a few happy hours dismantling the handles and replacing the springs.

Plus I now have a pair of circlip pliers to add to my toolkit. Happy with that.


Moar Kitchen

So, the chaos ended.

Actually it ended last week.

Of course after that we had to put everything back in the cupboards, etc. We took the opportunity to undertake a further cull (having chucked lots of stuff away when we emptied everything before the installation began). I really didn’t know we had that many mugs.

Since then I’ve tiled the floor with some nice Italian ceramic tiles – I have to say I’m jolly pleased with the result.