A little bit of Zen

I was on the way to an appointment this morning and in the course of my journey I got stuck behind a dust cart. The road had cars parked both sides so I had no alternative but to wait as the wagon moved forward in 5 metre bursts while the bin men did their thing with the wheelie bins. Now normally I am an impatient sort of chap but today I just found myself relaxing and thinking “OK, there is nothing I can do, I have no control or influence over this situation. I simply have to wait a few minutes until there is a space to one side where I can pass the wagon safely”.

And there it was, a situation where I found myself relaxing and accepting the situation, knowing that I would soon be on my way. A bit like my life at the moment, since the personal situation I have found myself in has been one of great stress and, on my part, impatience to see things progress. And, on that score, things have today moved closer to my desired outcome. Which is nice.