2 Anniversaries yesterday

First anniversary: the tenth anniversary of the Buncefield Explosion. The largest explosion in England since WWII. Here’s my original post on the subject.


view of buncefield explosion

And, for more depth, here’s a link to my other posts for that December.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention, when they finally reopened the road next to the oil depot, I set a geocache to celebrate. GC56V75.

Second anniversary: One year ago I was in Addenbrooke’s hospital having retinal surgery. Funny remembering my consultant saying the chances of it happening again was 1 in 10,000.



Cache maintenance

I’m not sure how successful finding caches will be at the moment, so instead I’ve done some maintenance on a cache of mine which I had to disable back in November.

My cache GC56V75 – Buncefield’s Big Bang was originally placed in June 14  to celebrate the reopening of Cherry Trees Lane which had been closed for 8½ years. Fast forward to November and the contractors redeveloping the storage tanks either side of the lane decided to temporarily close the lane.

Bit annoyed.

Anyway, I “temped” (temporarily disabled) the cache, intending to relocate it. Unfortunately I suffered my detached retina before I had time to hide the replacement so that never got done. Until now! Yesterday I found a new location and hid a new container. When I tried to edit the coords on the cache page I found the distance from the original was too great for the system to accept the change automatically. Instead I had to email our local reviewer to ask hime to change the coords for me. This evening he emailed me back to say it was done (many thanks to Red Duster for turning it round so quickly, ) so I have now been able to enable the cache once more.

On the subject of maintenance, I was thinking I really should go and check on another of my caches – GC2XEJE Short Walk, find the Nano – which hadn’t been found since last September, when I was pleasantly surprised to get a “found” email. Someone had logged a find. Yey!

That saves me having to go and check that one until it’s convenient for me. 😉