FTF. Twice.

Yesterday I had an email alert for a couple of new puzzle caches. One of the COs was drsolly, so I looked at that one first. It was a typical drsolly puzzle and I immediately knew what was required. Geochecker said “Yes” so that was me happy. Except that it was Mrs. WizzardPrang’s birthday and I had promised not to go out caching, unless my caching buddy Bob contacted me first.

Luckily Bob sent me a message about a FTF attempt so…

A short while later, we pitched up at GZ and, after a short search, found the cache. Yippee, a blank log! I was really pleased as I don’t get many FTFs. For Bob it’s very much a normal occurrence.

Anyway, at that point we realised that the other new cache wasn’t that far away, based on the coords Bob had already worked out. So as we drove there, I had another look at the cache on my iPhone and, um, came up with a different location! However that one seemed nearer so we headed there. As we arrived we could hear the sounds of cachers in the undergrowth. When we got there, who should we find but 3 members of our local BBH group. Two of them (plus their Pug) make up smokeypugs and the other chap was Happy Hunter HP20. Luckily for us, they hadn’t been able to find that cache so we joined in the search. Not long after that, the cache was found by G of smokeypugs and we all agreed that it would be a joint FTF. So that was 2 FTFs in less than an hour. 🙂