The 4th Element

So this evening the oven element went U/S. Luckily we had just turned it on and hadn’t put any food in. I’ve ordered one for next day delivery so at least we will be able to cook stuff but what about the long term future of this piece of kitchen crap?

I’m not happy, TBH. The original element failed and was replaced under warranty, then that one blew last December.Now its replacement has gone. So this latest replacement will be the 4th element. Time to junk the oven for something more reliable? Or just wait for the 5th element?

5th element


No More Than(k you)

A while back I contacted my home insurer with a view to making a claim. They were very unhelpful, bordering on obstructive – seemed that they didn’t think my problem was covered by the policy (surprise!) and it would be up to me to have the necessary work done at my expense then use the tradesman’s report to prove that it was covered.

Since then I have had several requests from them to complete a customer satisfaction survey. I ignored the first one and completed the second. When they sent me another email I thought, serve them right, and filled it in again. Today they sent me yet another email. Well I’m sorry, More Than, you are a useless bunch and I am tired of telling you how dissatisfied I was with the way you handed my ‘claim or enquiry’. Guess what I will be doing come renewal.

Who would actually make Parcel Force their courier of choice?

So, after some email ranting yesterday, today I got an email from Parcel Force to the effect that my parcel would now be delivered today between 07.00 and 17.30. No apology. So I emailed them to ask why they hadn’t apologised.  At least they replied to that and apologised. Still no explanation as to why they couldn’t deliver. I also received an email from the supplier who got it all wrong. So I’ve emailed them back as well to ask why they hire Parcel Force instead of someone reliable.

At the end of the day there was some good news. Parcel Force delivered my parcel. At 17.35. As he handed it over, the driver said, “Better late than never”.


Was “Never” an option?

Bloody well hope not!

Parcel Farce up to their usual tricks

Once again Parcel Force have failed to deliver a parcel to me on their “Express 24” service. Actually it was already late – it should have been delivered yesterday so more of a 48 hour service, eh? According to their tracker, the item was out on the van from 09.12 this morning. Despite someone being at home all day they never showed. (What’s new?)

So I just checked the tracking page again. I was really pissed off to see a new entry at 19.38 – “Delivery Attempted”. What a load of cr*p.

Of course, it’s a lie. I know this because:

a. We were in at that time and nobody called, plus no card was left.

b. The next tracking entry – “Parcel returned to/received in depot” was timed at 19.45. That’s 7 minutes later. Their depot is in Milton Keynes. From our house that’s about 40 miles by road. 7 minutes? Total b*llocks.

I’ve fired off some angry emails although I know they will fall on deaf ears. Just hope the goods turn up tomorrow.

F1’s target market

Bernie Ecclestone doesn’t see the need to attract youngsters to watch F1 because they don’t have the disposable income to buy the expensive products F1’s sponsors sell. He’s only interested in the “70 year-old guy with lots of cash“. Well judging by the price of a race day ticket his plan is well on the way to fruition. 😛

When I was much younger than I am now, F1 used to be a sport (is there a motor racing equivalent of jumpers for goalposts?). Now F1 is just another multi-billion dollar international business and I’m a bit older. Funnily enough, I have yet to buy my first Rolex.

Looks like I’m not Mr. Ecclestone’s target market just yet.


Caching Etiquette

Whilst working my way round the Chiltern Hundreds I DNFd a few caches. I bookmarked those caches to a “DNF” list which has a watch on it. That way I can keep tabs on future visits, I get notified when (or if) subsequent cachers find them. There are a few which have lots of DNF logs on them so imagine my surprise when someone logged a “found”. In a couple of cases this cacher found the cache the same day I failed to find it.

Or did they?

When I looked at the logs I found that although they were marked as “Found”, the cacher had left notes on their logs such as “No luck here” and “This one has gone“.

So, either

(a) they are inexperienced at logging DNFs, i.e. an honest mistake but look, it’s not really that difficult:

not difficult is it


(b) they are claiming the find anyway, perhaps reasoning that they looked hard enough in the correct place and they would have found it if it had been there.

Oh well, rant over. 😉 If they want to cheat they are, to coin a phrase, only cheating themselves.

Personally, I have always thought that the correct etiquette was “No signy, no findy”.

Something for nothing

I received an email from Waitrose inviting me to take part in their survey. Now I don’t mind helping out from time to time, giving up a couple of minutes to help improve the service a company provides me with, or (more likely) telling them where they need to improve when I’ve been on the receiving end of poor customer service.

As I read their email further I found this:

The full study consists of this initial questionnaire which will last about 45 minutes in total and a diary we would like you to complete over a 7 day diary period.

Hang on! 45 minutes?

The diary will last about 9-10 minutes each time you complete it, and we would like you to fill in the diary a minimum of 3 times

Plus at least 30 – 70 minutes for the diary?

OK, consider this. Waitrose would like to use something like an hour and a half of my time for free. True, they will enter me into a prize draw to win some vouchers but we all know that’s a carrot which is very unlikely to translate into any tangible remuneration. Let’s suppose for a moment that I normally charge my time at £50 per hour, that’d be worth £62 minimum. Now if they had to pay 1,000 people to undertake their survey that would cost them something like £62,000. So they would be getting a lot of time for free, in accountant-speak that would be a saving of £62,000. Pretty neat, huh?

And then I read the bit about privacy again.

Waitrose may wish to match your individual answers against other information they hold about you on their database, and may use the information to improve their products and services and how they tell you about these. 

Provided they nailed down the privacy element then perhaps I might have been more interested if they had offered some real remuneration rather than the fiction of a competition entry. I don’t necessarily mean paying me £60 (!) but they could have offered everyone a £5 voucher or, better still, promised to donate a decent amount to a charity for each completed survey.

Ho hum.



Haters and stupid people

Plenty of words (and videos) have already been written about a certain new smartphone. It seems that some people have managed to bend theirs by sitting down for long periods with the smartphone in their trouser pockets. Others have found it necessary to forcibly bend the smartphone and video said activity.

Now, I am no expert on the human mind but it does appear that these people would have to be extremely stupid to do either of the above. After all, nobody has yet managed to manufacture anything from “Indestructium”.

Suppose I deliberately drove my brand new Bentley* off a cliff. Shocked and surprised at the resultant damage, I could hardy complain to the Bentley Motor Company that their product had a design flaw.

Oh well, that’s quite enough wasted on that topic. Just needed to say something, that’s all. 🙂

* For illustrative purposes only. I simply picked a prestigious vehicle at random, I don’t actually own a Bentley.