The 4th Element

So this evening the oven element went U/S. Luckily we had just turned it on and hadn’t put any food in. I’ve ordered one for next day delivery so at least we will be able to cook stuff but what about the long term future of this piece of kitchen crap?

I’m not happy, TBH. The original element failed and was replaced under warranty, then that one blew last December.Now its replacement has gone. So this latest replacement will be the 4th element. Time to junk the oven for something more reliable? Or just wait for the 5th element?

5th element

Door handles

Some of the springs in our door handles had broken and I really didn’t want to replace the handles – I’d never get them to match or cover the old screw holes. Anyway, I discovered that I could buy replacement springs off the internet. Who knew?

So today I spent a few happy hours dismantling the handles and replacing the springs.

Plus I now have a pair of circlip pliers to add to my toolkit. Happy with that.