Spitfire bits

Recently just some sporadic work on the Spitfire build. I’ve been making up some small parts: the nose assembly and the wheels. These have been made by laminating sections and then sanded the finished article to shape. The nose had to be sanded to blend in with the front of the fuselage which was not easy as it has to be done ‘by eye’. Although the plan has a cross section this is only in one dimension and is thus more of a guide than anything. I had rediscovered a set of modelling files which I bought many years ago and these have proved very useful. I used a scalpel to remove the bulk of the unwanted material, then used the files to get the basic shape, then glass paper to complete the job.

I’ve also cut lengths of piano wire and bent them into shape, these will be the strong parts of the undercarriage. The other thing I’ve done is research the paint scheme I want to use. I’m not going to fly the Spit once I’ve completed it (I couldn’t deal with the inevitable damage from the crash landing following her first flight!) so I don’t have to worry about whether painting would add too much additional weight and cause aerodynamic problems.

One more thing. Piano wire has very sharp ends.



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