A bit of geocaching

At last, I can report a bit of geocaching by yours truly. On Wednesday I attended a BBHBR event (one of our local group’s events) and found a couple of caches. Those were the first finds of 2016 for me and the first event I’ve been to since one back in July ’15.

That made me check my matrix and I decided to see if I could fill in the remaining blank days for this month, so on Thursday & Friday I found a local trad each day, then today I went hunting for a couple of nearby trads which had been bugging me last year by sitting defiantly on my GC map. I hadn’t bothered with them last year because they had a bit of a reputation for being in a poor location (see my post which explains why I dislike and often avoid poorly executed urban caches), in addition one of them had very dodgy coordinates. This particular one had: as many DNFs as finds (11), not been found since April ’15, a knuckle-rapping from our local reviewer.

So as you can imagine, I didn’t hold out much hope with that one but I decided I’d have a quick look before moving on to another cache with better prospects. One cacher who had found it – last January! – had posted revised coords. He’s someone I know well and, with very many finds to his credit, is worth taking note of; so instead of going where nearly everyone else had gone, I went to the suggested coords and used my cacher’s instinct to search close by in a likely spot. Even I was surprised when I spotted the cache after a couple of minutes searching.

So in summary, this week I have: broken my 2016 duck, built up a 4 day streak and filled in 3 matrix days. Very happy with that.


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