Apple Watch

What normally happens is this:

A new Apple product comes out. I have a look at it in an Apple Store and conclude that I don’t need or want it. Some time later I end up buying said product.

I think this particular product may be the exception to the rule.

Having had a look at them in their glass cases and examined a “Sport” model close up I can confirm that I won’t be buying one. I’m sure they are very nice and have lots of geeky features but that’s not going to tempt me.

I have a wrist watch (quite a nice one as it happens) which I use to find out what the time of day is. For everything else I have my iPhone. And my Mac, Oh, and my iPad.

If I was going to spend a lot of money on a watch I’d buy something more traditional which just tells the time.

Sorry, Apple.

2 thoughts on “Apple Watch

  1. I daren’t look at them, sure I’d get sucked into a purchase.
    I currently have a smart fitness band (Garmin) which I love way more than I should, must keep avoiding this apple watches.

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