As a CO (Cache Owner) it’s annoying when someone logs finding your cache with nothing more than TFTC. Or so I thought.

I have now discovered that something more annoying is when someone logs the find on the GC website with “I forgot my pen”. In this particular case, the cache in question is a nano and you’d know this up front from the cache page. You need to bring your own writing implement. So there’s no excuse really.

The general rule is “No signy, no findy” and some COs will delete a GC log where there is no corresponding physical log. I know many cachers who will make a mark on the log with whatever is to hand, mud. ash, dung, their own blood… and I’ve done this myself on a FTF (mud, not blood!). If that’s not possible then we’d take a photo of the cache to send to the CO if they ask for proof.

The cacher in this case seems new to the game so I’m letting it go this time but if I get a lot of these I may well start deleting their logs!


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