Caching Etiquette

Whilst working my way round the Chiltern Hundreds I DNFd a few caches. I bookmarked those caches to a “DNF” list which has a watch on it. That way I can keep tabs on future visits, I get notified when (or if) subsequent cachers find them. There are a few which have lots of DNF logs on them so imagine my surprise when someone logged a “found”. In a couple of cases this cacher found the cache the same day I failed to find it.

Or did they?

When I looked at the logs I found that although they were marked as “Found”, the cacher had left notes on their logs such as “No luck here” and “This one has gone“.

So, either

(a) they are inexperienced at logging DNFs, i.e. an honest mistake but look, it’s not really that difficult:

not difficult is it


(b) they are claiming the find anyway, perhaps reasoning that they looked hard enough in the correct place and they would have found it if it had been there.

Oh well, rant over. 😉 If they want to cheat they are, to coin a phrase, only cheating themselves.

Personally, I have always thought that the correct etiquette was “No signy, no findy”.

2 thoughts on “Caching Etiquette

  1. I had a cache that was driving me nuts, it had just been replaced after being pinched, a supposedly easy find with an obvious hint. No joy. Second visit, no joy. I even climbed into the flipping tree. Placed a watch and for the next week it was constantly being found. Drove me insane. A few weeks later the found it logs ceased and the DNFs flooded in. I assume all the found its were either fibbing or a bit shoddy in their log keeping schedule!

  2. I see logs often where the person has made it GZ so claimed a find – makes me wonder if they realise there is actually something to find there….perhaps a flow-on effect from users who have downloaded the app, but never really been introduced to the ‘game’?

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