See Lions?

Today we went to Whipsnade Zoo which is always a great place to visit. Even better it’s just a 20 minute drive for us.

As usual all the lions were asleep, so we didn’t stay watching them for long.

I was going to post a photo or two of the baby elephants but I took so many photos that I haven’t edited them yet. Maybe later.

So, amongst the various animals we saw were the sea lions (these are on our shortlist of favourite animals), this produced an amusing tale. What happened was this: we arrived about 20 minutes before the sea lion display and the poolside area was packed to the gunwales with noisy children and their equally noisy parents. Well, we hadn’t come to see them so we bypassed the outdoor pool arena and headed inside the sea lion’s building, where the sea lions were amusing themselves in their indoor pool. As the time for the display approached, they became more excited, presumably at the prospect of getting to eat lots of fish, swimming, jumping and diving around the pool, they also kept jumping out of the water and going to wait by the door through which their keeper would emerge with her buckets of fish.

We found it amusing that we had the place almost to ourselves and we got to see the sea lions swimming playfully around in a more natural way than they would be in the subsequent staged display, meanwhile all the audience were sat outside staring at an empty pool for half an hour! 🙂

I took some video which I’ll hopefully post shortly, in the meantime here are a couple of photos.


Aren’t sea lions super?


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