iPhone 6

I’m pleased with my iPhone 6.

I haven’t managed to bend it.

I’m not going to wax lyrical about it because I’m not interested in stirring up the trolls or haters.  See paragraph one for my iPhone 6 review.

I’m not sure about the changes Apple have made to Photos with iOS 8, although I think I can see why they have done what they’ve done. It will be interesting to see how it all works once Yosemite drops. The only issue I’ve found is with the Instagram App which displays every photo on the device in duplicate (FB and others seem to have got it right).

Being a clumsy sort of fellow I have ordered a case for it, hopefully that will arrive tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “iPhone 6

  1. Glad you’re enjoying the new phone 😊
    I wonder if the duplication is because there are multiple copies on your device (if I upload to Instagram a new image is stored on my device). Just a thought.

    1. Yes Instagram does that for me too – it’s not that, it’s showing every pic twice. I think it is somehow accessing Photostream which Apple are using to sync my pics in background but which is no longer visible to the end user since iOS8. FB & other photo Apps I have are ignoring Photostream & only show me one of everything. I’m sure there’ll be an update along shortly 😀

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