Haters and stupid people

Plenty of words (and videos) have already been written about a certain new smartphone. It seems that some people have managed to bend theirs by sitting down for long periods with the smartphone in their trouser pockets. Others have found it necessary to forcibly bend the smartphone and video said activity.

Now, I am no expert on the human mind but it does appear that these people would have to be extremely stupid to do either of the above. After all, nobody has yet managed to manufacture anything from “Indestructium”.

Suppose I deliberately drove my brand new Bentley* off a cliff. Shocked and surprised at the resultant damage, I could hardy complain to the Bentley Motor Company that their product had a design flaw.

Oh well, that’s quite enough wasted on that topic. Just needed to say something, that’s all. 🙂

* For illustrative purposes only. I simply picked a prestigious vehicle at random, I don’t actually own a Bentley.


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