Crossing the border

I always enjoy drsolly’s puzzle caches. Usually with a technical or “IT” element, solving the puzzle stage to reveal the final coordinates is often the most enjoyable and sometimes the most challenging part. Inspired by the poem by W H Auden, Night Mail is one such clever cache from drsolly.

night mail


I did the original Night Mail back in September 2011. Two years later it had been archived and the good doctor had replaced it with a new Night Mail cache. As with the original, in order to discover the coordinates one has to control a model train in real time via a website. Great fun but no easy task I can assure you! I accomplished this tricky task when the cache was first published (last September) but for one reason after another I never managed to fit in a trip to find the physical cache.

A caching friend recently suggested we go to find this one so on Friday night he (Martin), Bob and I piled into my Freelander and set off, crossing the border into Buckinghamshire in search of the night mail. To be honest, finding the cache was the easy part after controlling the train and obtaining the coordinates, then allowing my satnav to send us on a roundabout tour of Chesham before we finally found the correct road out of the town. Isn’t technology wonderful/<insert your own adjective here>.

Our powerful torches piercing the stygian blackness (poetic licence), we found the cache without too much difficulty and, after suitable celebrations, found our way back to the car.

Before setting out we had decided to find another drsolly cache as well, as it was (sort of) on our way home. So the next stop was to find who is. If you are familiar with drsolly caches or maybe a cast member of the IT Crowd  then the method of obtaining the coordinates will hopefully leap out at you.

not me

Otherwise, I suspect you will be stuck. As you know, I’m not in the habit of putting spoilers in my blog posts, that would spoil the fun <evil laughter>. Once again, I had found the coords when the cache was published last September but, as with the Night Mail cache, it was sat in my “solved” list  for a time when I would be in the area.

Back to the tale. Although I had the waypoint in both my satnav and GPS I was driving into the unknown; luckily Bob had already identified an excellent parking spot. Also luckily, the hour was too early for nefarious activities, so three blokes parking up and disappearing into the bushes wasn’t going to raise any eyebrows. We had read that previous finders had found the coords a bit off so, after a look around at GZ, we widened the search and made use of some coords supplied by an earlier finder. These proved to be pretty accurate because after that we soon found the cache. The cache was full of the usual drsolly hardware plus, for some inexplicable reason, a large robot dog. It seemed happy enough to be there so we left it for the next cacher!

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