Jacob’s Moving Cache

Lots of local excitement about this moving cache. Groundspeak don’t allow moving caches any more so this one is a bit of a rarity. To explain the concept: the cache when found is re-hidden by the finder in a new location and they then publish those new coordinates in their found-it log. It’s a bit like a recurring FTF. 🙂

So, about a week ago this one was orbiting our area and a determined cacher decided to make a 60 mile round trip to get it. Since then it’s been bouncing around locally as one cacher after another attempts to find it and move it on.

There has been a fair bit of “who you know” going on as various cachers stalk the latest finder in the vain hope of being able to bag it next.

So with all this going on, to be honest I was not too bothered about finding it; however at the weekend my caching buddy managed to find it and was kind enough to re-hide it very close to where I live. I whizzed out as soon as I saw his log, recognising the location as being the site of the second cache I ever found (so I knew just where I needed to look) and felt sure I would be the first to get there. Which I was. Yay! 🙂

The amusing part was the next day when I set off to re-hide it, I had a place in mind which was along a nice footpath near a water mill which had a convenient car parking area (I was thinking of the next finder).

So I’d just left the car by the mill and was walking along the path towards my planned, convenient, QEF-style hiding place, when I met a pair of cachers coming in the opposite direction. I stopped for a brief chat and discovered they weren’t “local”. Now, this isn’t Royston Vasey but I had promised some of our local cachers that I’d hide it in a way that would give them the best chance of a find. There was no way I was going to let these two “foreigners”  know what I was up to! But I had Jacob’s cache in my hand! One of the cachers pointed at it, saying in an inquisitive way “Ooh, cammo bag!”. Thinking fast, I told them I often walked along here (which I do – I had Skye with me) and that I sometimes check the caches for interesting TBs (which I don’t). That seemed to satisfy their curiosity and they went on their way and were soon out of sight.

Of course, now I was a bit paranoid, so I walked a lot farther on than I’d planned to, to make sure they weren’t coming back to stalk me, after that I doubled back to hide the cache. I made sure it was well hidden so that, if they did happen to return that way, it wasn’t likely to be found by accident.  I was subsequently amused to read the log written by the next finder who seemed a bit surprised I’d hidden it so well. If she reads this hopefully she’ll understand!

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