Too many rules

Or rather, too many petty rules. I’m talking about F1. Put all 4 wheels over the white line, qualifying lap disallowed. Do that in the race and get a drive through penalty. Overshoot your grid place but don’t gain a race advantage and get a 5 second stop/go . Defend your position more than once – get reported to the Stewards. Touch wheels on a corner, is that a racing incident or do the Stewards need to investigate it? And so it goes. Whatever happened to RACING?

As you may discern from the above I am just a bit disenchanted with the current tame version of F1.

I’ve been following F1 for a long time. Long before the Union-Jack-T-shirt-wearing-Sun-readers started their Mansell fever. Graham Hill was driving for Gold Leaf Team Lotus. It was a long time ago. So, since then I’ve seen lots of changes, some of them not for the better. Back then the old hands would bemoan the loss of real racing, now I find myself doing the same. Oh bugger.

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