Moar Chiltern Hundreds

I was up Bellingdon way with daughter.2 and Skye. We found 8. We also didn’t find a couple more, which was a shame. I was happy that most of the caches found this time had the bonus numbers; I’m still optimistic that I will gather sufficient to get the Golden Bonus.

Then there was the blood. Mine.

I was in the process of putting the last cache back in its place when I caught  my forehead on a barbed wire spike. My excuse (for not seeing it) was that my daughter distracted me at the crucial moment by suddenly exclaiming something about lots of bees buzzing around her. Plus I wasn’t wearing my caching hat because I’d used it to protect her camera whilst it was in my bag. Blood everywhere!

Luckily I had some first aid stuff in my bag and my daughter was able to stop the bleeding, after which we continued our walk to  St. John’s Church Bellingdon where we gathered the numbers required for the Church Micro. By this time we were getting hungry so we called it a day. I’ll have to come back for that one.


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