TB Woes

I had 3 Travel Bugs out in the wild and they are all now officially MIA.

The first was retrieved from a Norfolk cache 17 months ago and since then: nothing. The cacher who picked it up hasn’t been active for the last 15 months. I’ve sent him/her a message but heard nothing.

The other 2 TBs were placed in different caches just over a year ago but have disappeared ever since. I’ve tried emailing the cachers and even tried the TB rescue site to no avail.

So, based on my pseudo-scientific evidence, the TBs I sent out on missions have experienced a 100% failure rate.

Which is all a bit pants.

So that’s it for me, there won’t be any more of mine following them into certain oblivion.


4 thoughts on “TB Woes

  1. There needs to be a “does not like” button as this sucks. So far the 3 that we have out there seem to be still going although 2 have gone very quiet for the last couple of months. Never give up hope though, maybe one of them will turn up out of the blue one day 🙂

  2. I’d put three out – one is now languishing in Finland and pops up every now and again; the other two got lost when a geocacher had his panniers nicked from his bike.
    Apart from the bugs on the car and the bike, that’s it…

  3. … and I got an email from a Finnish geocacher telling me (via the Google translator*) that the last of my bugs had disappeared down his drain…
    *other online translators are available..

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