Back to the Asheridge Ring

Back to Chesham once again to get some more Chiltern Hundreds. I’m starting to know my way around the lanes now!

I started with a cache I’d not been able to find the last time. It wasn’t that I didn’t know where it was, because I did;  the problem was the cache being higher up than I could reach. This time I was suitably prepared. I parked the Freelander right next to the cache and used it as cover while I used my special equipment. I soon had the log signed and replaced, then it was back into the FR2 and onwards to the planned parking location further up the road in Chartridge.

Leaving the car I picked up the next stage of the Asheridge Ring and off I went. Very pleased to find the paths mostly dry now. Following a mainly clockwise route which took me gradually uphill, I found 5 Chiltern Hundreds and unfortunately DNF’d 3 more. There are quite a few missing now – the local reviewer has even archived a couple of them. Hopefully the good Doctor will find time for some maintenance soon. After reaching Asheridge Farm I turned South East and walked through Braid Wood. This wood is used by the Scouts but although there were plenty of signs of outward-bound activities the place was deserted.

After grabbing a Captain Jack cache at Braziers End I set off in a southerly direction to pick up 4 more Captain Jack caches – no more DNFs! Interestingly, the downhill path had been totally transformed due to the months of rain – all the mud had been washed away. After prolonged heavy rain, paths like these often resemble stoney river beds but this one was completely different. As it rushed downhill, the rainwater had exposed underlying chalk, hollowing it out so it was more like a bobsleigh run than a footpath. I was glad to get to the bottom without doing my normal party trick (falling over).

At the end of the path I rejoined the road back towards Chartridge but before heading back to the car I picked up my final cache of the day, “Life Begins at…“.

So the final tally was 11 finds and 3 DNFs. Happy with that but I’m now impatient to come back soon to complete the ring.

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