I was in London today and luckily had time for one cache. This is one that’s been on my list for some time.

The cache is called Bombsite No. 1. The interesting thing is that, as the name suggests, this is a parcel of land which used to be occupied by a house – until it was destroyed by a bomb during the Second World War. The house was never rebuilt and the space is now home to a delightful public garden, complete with duck pond. Hidden away from the noise and dirt of the city, with its soundtrack of birdsong and dabbling ducks it is an oasis of calm.

Guardians of the cache

Locating the cache itself was easily accomplished. That done, I then found myself surrounded* by a family of Mallards who were obviously the guardians of the cache. After watching them for a while I took my leave, with one of the male Mallards following me along the path towards the gate, no doubt escorting me off the premises.

Here’s a short video I took:

* Oh, alright, they were really just very tame!



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