Back to Chesham

I’ve been aiming to get back to the Chiltern Hundreds but on the rare days when I’ve been able to go, the weather has conspired against me. It’s not just the rain (I don’t mind getting a bit wet) but more the recurringly-soggy ground making walking along the footpaths an unpleasant undertaking.

So, today the weather stayed fine (or at least fine enough to go geocaching). Me and Skye piled into the Freelander and headed off to the outskirts of Chesham. I had worked out a small loop of CH caches and a few Captain Jack caches. We had a good trip, the only con being a slog up a very steep hill. Phew, I must be so out of condition.

Found 10 with just one DNF. I’m pretty sure I know where the cache is but I’m nowhere near tall enough. I’ll have to come back to that one with suitable equipment to see if I’m correct. 😉

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