Mud, glorious mud

Yesterday Bob and I had a day out getting his Range Rover muddy.

With a small group of LR Discoverys we spent the day driving on Salisbury Plain.

Discovery driving on the plain

Much of Salisbury Plain is MoD land used for army training. Luckily it is criss-crossed by numerous lanes which we can drive legally (byways open to all traffic). The MoD also allows civilians to use some of their other lanes – “Permissory Byways” – which they close when they are using the area for training or live firing. You have to watch for the signs and the red flags.

Permissory Byway

Part of the training area was closed today and for much of the day we could hear the artillery firing on the Larkhill ranges while we pottered about at the other end of the plain.

Thanks to the rain we’ve all had to put up with over the last 4+ months, there is still a large quantity of water everywhere, some of which we could drive through and some we couldn’t. The Land Rovers collected assorted mud and vegetation negotiating the watery bits, on one such occasion we were lucky enough to dredge up this fellow.

it's a dead frog

Judging by the state of him he was long gone, although no one wanted the job of unhooking him from the bumper.

It’s worth mentioning: the SPTA DIO have imposed voluntary restrictions on some byways to give the land time to drain & recover from the flooding and to stop damage from vehicles. Please bear that in mind if you are thinking of going there yourself.

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