Quick, it’s stopped raining!

Today was one of the very few days in living memory* when it hasn’t rained. Most of the paths I’d ideally be walking to do the “serious” caching that is on my to-do list are still too wet but I decided to grab a few local caches anyway.

One of the caches was quite interesting, as it requires the seeker to be in possession of a particular travel bug. This is because the TB dog tag not only has the coords stamped on it (so you need to have seen the TB in order to know where the cache is) but also attached to the dog tag is a thing which is needed to open the cache container (in order to sign the log). I’ll leave you to discover what it is for yourself – the cache in question is GC3G0Z7. As luck would have it, I had gained possession of the TB yesterday so, given the absence of rain, there was no time to waste.

After finding that cache I picked up another couple of caches before heading home. Even so, the metalled road they were on – closed to vehicles since the building of the M25 – was still extremely muddy and flooded in places. I was glad I’d left Skye at home. Wish I’d brought my wellies though. Like pretty much everyone in the UK – and by that I mean not just geocachers 🙂 – I’m waiting for the rain to stop for a decently long-enough period and for the sodden ground to dry out a bit. I  really do want to get back to the Chiltern Hundreds series but I’m not so hardcore that I ‘m prepared to get my feet wet if I can help it!

* Mild exaggeration

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