Retina display

What I’d read about the new iPad Mini a while back seems to be true. Visiting an Apple Store today, I’ve finally had the opportunity to compare the “old” iPad Mini with the iPad Mini Retina display.

They’ve got them displayed on the same table so, as the store was fairly quiet, I was able to set an old mini and a retina model next to each other. With both models set to maximum brightness I selected the same image in the photo app on both, applying the same amount of zoom, etc. so the images were directly comparable.

Even with my less than perfect eyesight it was obvious that the image on the retina model was sharper. What was also discernible was that the colours on the non-retina model were more saturated. This is what I’d read in tech reviews so it was interesting to find that I could see the difference. That’s not to say the non-retina display wasn’t sharp enough, I personally think it would be for me anyway.

So, with apologies for starting a sentence with “So”, which would I buy? With the old model only being available with 16GB, if I think that’s enough storage for me then I’d get the old one. The cellular one is £70 less expensive that the retina model.


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