2013: GC Review

Well, folks, it’s the 31st of December and I’m not going to find any more geocaches this year. Time for a brief review.

Turns out, in geocaching terms, that 2013 has been a bit low on the numbers. In my defence I have been busy on other matters…

In my first full year of geocaching – 2011 – my total was 357 finds. In 2012 the figure was up slightly at 371. This year I only managed 278. However, the bald figures don’t tell the full story. This year I only went caching on 80 days, the year before I cached on 116 days, while in 2011 the number of caching days was 127. As a result, my average finds per caching day was higher this year than the previous two. Also this year I had my best caching month (86 in August) and my best day (45 on 16th August).

Perhaps this year it was more about quality and less about numbers. This year my caching trips have included the UK Mega, a combined green-laning and caching day around Bedfordshire and the recent trip to Imber. Plus I finally hit my 1,000th find milestone, so it wasn’t all that bad after all, was it?

If you’ve got nothing better to do and you’d like to see more detail, you can always find my current stats page on my website.


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