Three long years, Man and Cacher

Just checked. Three years ago on 7th November 2010 I found my first geocache. The two I found today take me up to 997 finds – not a blistering performance but, as they say, it’s not about the numbers.

Except that it is, a bit. I had hoped to make it to 1,000 before the third anniversary but I have been busy doing other stuff. At any rate, that milestone isn’t far off now.

So, what have I learnt from geocaching? It has given me the impetus to get out in the countryside more than previously, plus Skye our Westie gets more interesting walks. That there are loads of interesting places I knew nothing about, some of which are on my doorstep. That I’ve made friends with some friendly local cachers. That it’s a great use for all that multi-billion dollar satellite technology. That people who don’t get caching think we are slightly mad.

If you are interested in my caching stats you can look at them on my website.

And here’s the cache page of my first find: A Different Approach to Recycling.


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