Bedfordshire Green-laning trip

On Friday, Bob & I went to nearby Bedfordshire to drive some green lanes with a couple of geocaching friends.

Me & Bob in his Range Rover Classic and Martin with Jeff in his Disco. The weather wasn’t very promising to start, with spots of rain and large grey clouds.


There are a surprising number of byways in the County which are open from April to October. We had a route mapped out to combine a series of lanes with a fair number of geocaches, some were set along the byways so, instead of walking, we were able to do them as drive-bys. A rare treat!


As the day went on, the sun came out, which everyone appreciated. It was soon time for lunch so we found a convenient spot half-way along a byway and parked up. Time for some grub!


The dogs queued patiently for biscuits:


Our route took us through several villages and past a couple of the airfields built during World War II for RAF Bomber Command (RAF Thurleigh and RAF Little Staughton). There’s a nice memorial in Little Staughton:


Although the main purpose of the trip was to drive some green lanes, obviously we wanted to include a few caches. We picked up several runs of caches from different series as we drove along, plus some drive-bys on the tarmac. We had a good system going on the byways. We’d drive up and take it in turns for one or two of us to jump out of the Land Rovers, find the cache and sign it for the team. If we had trouble finding it the others would join in. At others, we would park up and all of us would join in the search. We also found 4 Church Micros.

By the time we headed home, we’d found 45 caches – now that may not be a record for the other members of the group but that’s the most I’ve found in a day by a long way. Excellent!

Oh and on the way home Bob drove his Range Rover through our local ford to wash the mud off the tyres. Twice. 🙂

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